24 December 2013

What does it mean to you? Serenity.

Assalamualaikum ~

Sometimes you need to feel serenity, to feel lifted, like your feet aren't touching the ground, your head is in the sky, you fly away in your own mind to that one special place where you crave for so badly, like you're touching the sky and dancing with the stars.

Doodling gives me that feeling. Nothing beats putting on your headphones and letting High Highs by Open Season to repeat endlessly or just listening to the whole Nocturnal album by Yuna, picking up a pencil, opening a blank page on your little sketch book, starting to sketch what here was described as "sketch macam cibai" by my classmate due to the fact that it is very rough and ugly, stretching out your arms before eventually picking up a black pen, settling the fragile outlines, then filling in the blanks, the little details while you keep stretching once or twice or even ten times in the enchanting, silent process, exchanging that black pen with a worn-out eraser and erasing the early sketch, finally picking up your sketch book to examine every single detail you've done, that thing you've created from scratch, from nothingness.

And finally, there comes the time when you had to land back on earth, to lift your head up from that sketch book of yours to see that the world around you had moved on. 

Some may say that the simple thing you've created is nothing, it's unimportant, insignificant. But what does it matter when you've found serenity from that little moment of self discovery and expression of feelings and desires?

So take your time, get lost in art and come back when it's time.

Actually, I'm being pretty sentimental because I left my sketch book dekat atas meja bilik asrama. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.