11 October 2013

End of Part 1.

Assalamualaikum ~

So, that's it then. 10.10.2013, the last exam paper of the semester and the last day of our first semester.

Newly drawn on the front page of my sketchbook XD

I don't feel like flooding my blog with more photos for now. I just feel like writing something.

I've learnt so much for this past 4-5 months since I've become a student at UiTM Kampus Alor Gajah. I used to be that weird kid in school that nobody wants to really befriend or they only befriend me for certain reasons. Most probably because I'm nice and I will love people until it hurts me. I help people a lot because that is my nature and I love seeing people happy because of me.

But I've never thought I'd ever change to who I am now. I'm different and I feel different. I talk, walk and do different things. I've gone from a loner freak to an actual person, a friend, a sister, almost anything that my friends need. So, I think it's best for me to reflect myself especially about the things I've learnt from my friends.

What I've learnt from my classmates (the boys):
They show me that I should be different and that being different is good. Indirectly, I see that my eccentric attitude somehow amuses them. They show me that there's not much stuff that is going wrong with me. They show me how to have a good time, how to laugh and how to breathe calmly around the people who cares about you. They show me how protective they can be and they show me how sticking together, no matter how grieving, hateful or happy the situation, everything's gonna be alright.

What I've learnt from my classmates (the girls):
These people, these girls that I love show me that I AM ACTUALLY A GIRL. Because I didn't have much girlfriends when I was in school. They lie on the bed with me, watch movies with me, dance around, eat together, having private girly conversation, talking about our problems and just being there together. It's beautiful, really: this bond that we have. They help me through thick and thin and push me up when I'm down. They tell me I shouldn't give up and show me that there's nothing wrong with having fun and being a person.

What I've learnt from my roommates and levelmates:
Ahh, yes. This is one of the most important too. Because they changed a big part of me. Ever since I was 15, all I've been thinking and breathing into me is this jerk who I've once thought would be my best friend forever. I was damn clueless and sh-tless naive. I didn't know what to do or where I was going with this stupid life of mine. At first, yeah they supported me through the rough and say that I should be strong just as I am and that things will work out one day. But they saw me getting worse. So they thought it was time for me to let go. Nobody, and I do mean nobody ever did make me realise how stupid I've been and how wasteful this crap of a situation I was in. People did advice me, a lot of people. But there are only three special people that actually pushed him to the edge of my brain. They were behind me as he grab hold of my hand, asking me not to throw him down the cliff of my head. And they were there pulling me back, telling me that he's done worse to me than I ever did to him. They're telling me that if I ever try to pull him back up, he'll just pull me down straight into hell with him. They pulled me back and I survived. I'm alive. I'm alive partly because of them and I am so grateful to have met these wonderful girls.

What I've learnt to let go of:
This is currently happening and it still is. See, I have this feeling that I'm keeping inside from someone and I think it's best if I let it remain a secret. But I actually did learn something. My roommates and levelmates did help me survive but this particular person actually DID wipe the feelings in my heart. I'm not bitter anymore. I don't get sad or depressed. He didn't even do anything. Probably because I really do have feelings for him. So damn weird. I don't think of that ass-faced life ruiner but instead of this particular person. Let it remain a mystery of who it is. I have a long time to spend here in UiTM, so I have no worries. Haha.

Wish me luck, can't wait to step into the next semester.

08 October 2013

The best people I've ever known.

Assalamualaikum ~

So, 05.10.13 marks the date where the group of buttheads spent the whole day together. It was a completely short-planned trip and I though it was going to be quite disastrous. Out of the 19 people we have, 11 of us went on with this.

So, we started off the night where Mira and Nana crashed over at my place, helping out with the cooking and such. Of course, after weeks of not getting air conditioner and hot shower, diorang sanggup ikut aku balik.

Muka kerek eh masing-masing. Gradient shirts!!

Mira, aku and Nana bangun awal pagi kot buat sandwiches untuk semua orang. Kerjasama nampak di situ. Malam before siap buang kulit potato pastu Nana kupas bawang pasal aku ngan Mira jarang tolong kat dapur. Ahaks! Okay, sumpah kantoi.

By the way, most of the photos were taken on Mira's camera. Unless stated by me then it is Mu'izz's work. So, my mom and sister drove us to Pengkalan Balak dengan bekalan makanan yang dah prepare awal-awal. Jalan punya jalan aku tertidur dalam kereta pasal malam before tu, Rayyan dengan Ayim call aku. Macam siaaa diorang, memang aku terus tak dapat tidur

Dah sampaaai. Applause applause.

Kitorang sampai dulu ke destinasi. Sementara menunggu dua buah kereta sewa Viva warna putih yang dipandu setia oleh Ayim dengan Daus, kitorang set up dulu tempat makan. time ni air pasang, so memang sejuk and takut jugak nak turun ke shore.

My mom and my eldest sister pulak time ni sibuk set up BBQ untuk bakar ayam and such. Tunggu diorang pun tak lama. Dalam 10 minit gitu dah sampai dah.

 Riang sungguh bila diorang dah sampai. Baru rasa complete.

Happy, impatient faces.

So, awal-awal tu semua buat casual je. Konon cam segan la my mom ada. Kitorang ajak diorang makan sandwich dulu pasal dah tau semua lapar, semua tak breakfast lagi. Diorang bukan makan, diorang sampai lahap okay, lahap. Lepas tu macam mana ntah, maybe start dari aku dok merendam kaki kat dalam air, semua pegi tukar baju lepas tu start terjun.

Nutjob of the day. Hell, nutjob always!

Told ya.

Our class rep seriously had so much fun. Tengok dia pun kita yang rasa happy.

I know I posted these GIFs before as a sneak peak but I totally think it's worth the repost.

The ever awesome girl, Qila Hamidin. Our photog of the day aside from Mu'izz. 
She refuses to get into the water for the rest of the day pasal dia sungguh malas nak tukar baju.

So, lepas semua berendam dalam setengah jam or so, my mom panggil semua naik atas untuk feed. Haha. My mom prepared a lot. Dan sangat puas hati makan pasal memang sedap.

Nasi lemaaaaak!!

These cupcakes were prepared by my eldest sister with a request from me to put the words 
and inside jokes onto these delicious moist chocolate cupcake with buttercream icing.

That mamat who fell in the first GIF was this cina photostat.

Beautiful shots that were taken by Mu'izz.

At 2 p.m or so, kitorang dah pack up and ready untuk balik dah. Everything went smooth so far and sume berhimpit masuk kereta because by the time, my mom was long gone balik rumah dengan the Waja that brought us here.

Sempat snap gambar Ayim, salah seorang driver setia pada hari tersebut.

A random beautiful shot of Mira.

Time ni semua hesitate nak balik. Sebab masa banyak lagi. So Qila suggest we all go to Klebang to get some coconut shake. Geraklah kami ke Klebang like 24 kilometres away or so. Luckily, with the help of Waze app, kitorang tak sesat.

It was a long line dekat coconut shake tapi nasib baik service dia cepat. And the shake pun memang sedap.

Time ni sumpah wa cakap diorang memang dah penat. Especially Ayim. 
Look at his damn face, macam kesian gila kot.

Lepas beli coconut shake sume bajet-bajet nak balik je. And then sape ntah bring up McD. Habis sume pakat nak gi McD. Kitorang guna Waze again untuk cari the nearest. At first gerak je la. Then aku realize that the McD the GPS was leading us to was going to Mahkota Parade. Like what the eff tiba-tiba nak pegi MP kot hahahaha. Tapi diorang sume sporting kot, ikut je mana kitorang pergi.


McD penuh. macam raya aku tengok. So kitorang sume naik ke Food Court.

There you are, Mu'izz. Susah nak dapat muka kau.

A beautiful shot of Qils got seriously funny because of Ayim's face.

Hello, Rayyan.

After eating, we went to the arcade untuk bazir duit and then finally headed back. At first kitorang sesat as usual; Daus, Faiz, me and the girls and we lost track of Ayim and the gang. Somehow bila dah sampai dekat traffic light UiTM, terjumpa balik. I'm sure Ayim was speeding tapi aku taktau apa jadah sampai terserempak. Maybe Daus pun speeding gak kot.

Ayim tweeted that he accidently slept for a few second while driving. Gila! Kau gila Ayim, tak sayang nyawa. Haha, aku faham bro aku faham. Kesian kau.

Anyways, we headed back to our own rooms feeling happy and satisfied. That night, I checked their tweets and they made me smile to my ears:

This was yet one of the best days I've had on 2013. I love these people and I cherish every wakening moments with them. Seriously cannot wait to see what plan we have for the next semester.

06 October 2013

I'll be fine someday.

Assalamualaikum ~

So my first semester as a uni student is almost ending.

Random sketch for tonight.

If you've been following my previous posts, you can see that my life as an Art & Design student have been quite some hell. I don't sleep at night. Nor do I do it during the day. We sleep when we can, not when we want to. Life is hard as art students. 

Although it's way too tiring, somehow I think it's beautiful. It's not you alone who stays up at night. The whole batch of Part 1 students do the same. Nobody sleeps when there's an assessment coming up. And we all talk to each other, sleep on hard floors, sing along to random music while doing our endless work.

It brings us together and closer. When you thought that you're the only one staying up and you almost cry because you feel so damn tired, suddenly the WeChat or Whatsapp notification comes up and you see a friend asking "Korang dah tidur?"

It makes you want to hug them tight.

So no matter how terrible the assignments are, I have my loving friends. I'm happy with them and I'm happy for them. My life has never been better and someday, all these tiredness will pay off big time. 

Just a sneak peak.

"When a bunch of people act as if the world stops around them, 
when they start being weird together, they are comfortable with each other."

03 October 2013

Let Us Define Art: Part 1

Assalamualaikum ~

So, in my previous post, I already mentioned how long we had to wait for the Typography final assessment to end. We had plenty of time so I managed to pull out my brand new RM16.00 Thread Sew Bind Notebook that I bought at MPH. It's small, and pretty awesome. It's a similar type to my S&J sketch book but the one I bought at S&J is damn heavy and big. It's hard to carry around.

Anyway, I've asked my friends to put anything they wanted in it and here they are.

This is my work. It was a duplication and improvisation of Dena Bahrin's work.

Haziq Amir's.

This is Kim's. She's a part 2 student but lately she's been hanging out a lot with Daus.

Firdaus Zulfaa's.

This is Faiz's.

My favourite from Adi Nur Fitri, my class rep. Kecik-kecik cili padi orangnya.

Ayim punyeee.

Nana paling minat anime.

Mu'izz punya. Very nice.

Again, Kim takde keje so dia tambah lagi satu.

Ray's trophy.

Qils punya, she said she messed up so gambar siapa ni will forever be a mystery.

There will be more to come, Sabtu ni pergi Pengkalan Balak, insha-Allah maka aku akan angkut buku ni skali. Trimas kamu semua sudi tinggalkan jejak dalam sketch book saya :3