25 January 2014


"...and Allah's arrangement is so beautiful."

Assalamualaikum ~

Manusia buat silap. Perasaan tak puas hati tu akan sentiasa ada di mana-mana. Lain orang lain perangai. Tapi adik-beradik akan sentiasa menyayangi masing-masing even kalau bergaduh pun kan?

Awak banyak buat silap. Tapi kami faham, awak selesa dengan cara awak sampaikan awak tak nampak silap awak. Tapi awak baik, awak penyayang. Dan marah macam mana pun saya, sakit hati macam mana pun saya terhadap awak, awak tetap kawan baik saya yang sangat-sangat saya sayang dan tak berani saya lemparkan perasaan benci pada awak. Saya bersyukur adanya awak dan saya harap awak rasa benda yang sama terhadap saya.

Awak nampak pentingnya untuk kita semua selesaikan masalah ni. Awak yang rasional. Awak yang sempoi dan kasual. Dan awaklah yang paling tenang antara kita berempat semua. Saya bersyukur awak ada sebagai pelengkap kita berempat dan kawan yang paling sempoi untuk bersembang. Awak cool dan awak awesome dan awak pandai bergaya. Dan saya sangat suka bila kita berdua bukak cerita tentang kebangangan zaman kanak-kanak ataupun tentang masalah family.

Awak yang paling pendiam antara semua. Walaupun awak sampai lambat, tapi awak tetap join untuk dengar dan beri luahan. Saya bersyukur awak ada sebab awak banyak sangat bantu saya. Awaklah yang tumpangkan tidur saya di bilik awak, paling rajin teman saya pergi beli makan, pergi settle hal-hal lain dan macam-macam lagi. Awak tak pernah bising kalau saya buat salah atau selalu sangat pinjam barang awak lama-lama.

Awaklah yang paling kuat bagi nasihat kat semua orang. Awak macam abang kepada saya. Awak sangat caring dan penyayang. Saya tak suka awak sakit sebab kitorang. Saya taknak awak stress over benda macam ni lagi. Saya bersyukur awak ada, awak paling kuat jaga kitorang semua. Awak paling risaukan well-being kitorang semua. Awak suka buli saya dan saya enjoy buli awak. Stay a brother to me, because I love being your little sister.

Awak ketua yang baik. Walaupun awak sempoi dan gila-gila. Tapi itu yang buat awak sangat istimewa. Awak berwibawa dan sangat berbakat. Saya respect awak. Saya bersyukur awak ada sebab awak yang beri semangat pada kitorang untuk jadi satu kumpulan yang tak takut terima cabaran dan rajin involve dalam apa-apa aktiviti. Awak unik dalam cara tersendiri.

Awak perlu jujur dengan semua orang dengan diri awak sendiri. Awak tak rajin luahkan perasaan. Sebab awak suka mengelak masalah. Tapi saya bersyukur awak ada, sebab awak tak kisah dengar masalah saya. Awak suka buat lawak, awak buat orang gelak. Awak jugak yang buat saya tercabar bila awak belajar untuk tests and exams. Awak akan sentiasa jadi class clown dan kitorang happy bila awak ada.

Awak jarang cakap dengan budak perempuan secara direct tapi awak pun pandai buat lawak. Saya bersyukur awak ada sebab awak jadi tukang menceriakan dan pelengkap kumpulan bebudak lelaki paling adorable pernah saya tengok. Gegar suara awak petang khamis haritu dah tunjuk betapa awak sayang semua orang dan awak suka stay dalam group ni. Awak tak nampak tapi sebenarnya bila awak cakap tentang benda serious, awak boleh jadi leader.

Awak selalu buat lawak dalam group dan walaupun awak mengaku awak annoying, awak sebenarnya tak annoying. Saya bersyukur awak ada sebab bila saya luahkan masalah saya awak tak pernah judge saya. Awak baik sangat walaupun awak kata awak jenis straight-forward. Lawak-lawak yang awak buat selalu ceriakan kitorang.

Awak awkward dan awak poyo. Tapi poyo awak tulah yang buat kitorang tergelak-gelak. Awak photographer yang berbakat. Saya bersyukur awak ada juga sebagai pelengkap kumpulan yang jadikan hari-hari kitorang ceria walaupun awak tak selalu bercakap benda yang serious sangat.

Awak baru join group bebudak yang rapat dan gila-gila. Jadi saya ucapkan selamat datang. Awak dah mula gila-gila macam yang lain. Jadi kitorang tengok awak sekarang pun dah tergelak-gelak. Terima kasih sudi masuk campur intervention walaupun tak pernah ada apa-apa sangat yang berlaku antara kami dengan awak. Tapi awak tunjuk yang awak committed kepada kumpulan ni. Hopefully, awak akan kekal dengan kami sampai habis, insha-Allah.

Akhir sekali, sebagai tuan empunya diri, saya minta maaf sekali lagi dengan seikhlas hati dan saya nak ucap terima kasih sebab sanggup terima saya yang degil, banyak kepala, suka mengadu, mengada-ngada dan banyak lagi dalam kumpulan ni. Terima kasih kepada mereka yang selalu saya Whatsapp untuk mengadu masalah dan yang banyak tolong saya go through hidup dekat Lendu ni.

I love you people more than I could ever imagine. Stay put, stay calm dear Eminerds. Don't change a bit because time is flying by too fast. I can't imagine what would be our last day together in the future, it's way too bitter to think of it now. Let's just enjoy what we have and live everyday like it's our last day together. Much love, your Needy.

02 January 2014

2013: You will be missed.


Assalamualaikum ~

The end of the year is just a few minutes away isn't it. Everybody's taking selfies and posting them on Instagram with their 2013 captions. I did mine too, but of my friends :D

So, I'd love to make a flashback of my 2013, all the good things and bad things that happen throughout this beautiful, unexpected year.


The year I started to learn to become and adult
This was the year I've started college. I finished my high school years last year, got my SPM results and got into UiTM and for the first time ever, learn to actually be and adult. I'm still 18 and will be 18 until next February. But this was the year I've to learn how to start talking to people and handle businesses all by myself. To meet new people and to expect new things. And I'd love to say that I've evolved, I've changed to become better and to handle things and problems better .

The year I knew the meaning of friendship
And of this, the most important part of the year. I started my college life in June, and I expected myself to become solitude once more. To be a lone wolf and to run my life alone. But things changed, and I met the best peole I've ever known. The Eminerds. The unexpected people who learn to love me and accept me for who I am. The ones I can't spend a day without. I've been posting a lot about them on this blog and as you can see, I am contented to have them in my heart, to fill the empty hole that existed four years ago.

The year I got over my depression and heartbreak
A big thanks to Eminerds and my former roommates, this was the year that I can proudly say that I beat my depression and I've stopped hurting. My friends pulled me out of the darkness and showed me light. They showed me how much different and better I am off without the person who ruined my life before. I'm no longer sad and depressed and I don't even think about how ruined I was anymore. I'm a new person with a new heart, a heart, as for now, given partly to my friends whom I love so very very much.

The year I smiled
I didn't realize this until my best friend pointed this out on her Twitter account. Looking back, it's really true. I've learned to let my walls down and started to smile and get to know new people. I've made truce with my former enemy, and maybe that triggered it. It taught me that not all people have bad intentions to you, it taught me that I am safe to let my guard down, to start trusting and accepting. I smile a lot now. I ask people where they come from, who they are and start to befriends with them. I am no longer a stranger in this world.

2013 had been beautiful for me. And if you'd like to follow my past journey, do read the past entries and keep updated for more

You haven't seen the last of me.

Assalamualaikum ~

Sorry I haven't been blogging much. I really don't have much to say (I know I always say this although I will eventually type out a long post anyway).

What have I been up to lately? Such an interesting question. It's still the mid-term break and I am now currently super busy running my own business. I'M SELLING TOTE BAGS!!

Yes, I'm selling custom-made ones. They're all hand-painted too. If you're interested in buying one you can follow my Instagram @ohtotes or my personal account @nadrahzulkifly. You can also check out my Twitter account @OhTotes_ for not-so-daily updates. I'll post most of the pictures on Instagram though.

I recently went to Pulau Pangkor which I wasn't very ecstatic about because it was a boring trip and there was literally nothing much. And I carried a plain white tote bag which my mom sewed for me. I got really bored that I decided to redo one of my designs on the bag and I couldn't wait to get home to permanently draw the design.

I got my hands on Stained by Sharpie and started my work.

And so this happened. This is one of my personal collections. And thinking how comfortable I am doing it because I was having so much fun drowning myself in the work while listening to music, I told my mom how I wanted to sell these tote bags.

I already had my logo made just a week ago and I've printed it on brown paper and tadaaah, they're my new labels. They look so awesome, like something you'd get out the Typo store.

And then I worked on this one piece inspired by The Fault In Our Stars by John Green and people started freaking out about this. My friends are very supportive of my business too. They help me promote my Instagram and Twitter :D

One of my closest girls texted me saying she wanted to order one from me and she wanted her name on it so I decided to fill it in with doodle.

This is by far my proudest piece, requested by Qayyim. It may seem so  simple but I gotta tell ya, it was tough. I mean, the time and precision it took literally leaves me breathless. No, I'm not kidding! I literally had to hold my breath to bring every single line to perfection. I was so scared that I was going to screw this one up but it came out so perfectly :D :D

So yeah, that's what I've been up to lately. 

On the other hand, 2013 ended and people had been posting all these precious memories and so I actually did mine too, on the 31st December 2013. Unfortunately, my internet was super slow and my post actually got lost so I was kinda upset. But I posted this photo on Instagram, and as you can see, my 2013 was amazing. And all that actually matters to me was them. The Eminerds. I hope the years to come that will be spent with them will be much more splendid because I love them too much.

Last but not least, I promised to keep you guys updated about my portrait assignment and here it is. The lovely Amanda Seyfried. I didn't really enjoy this assignment though, because I really hate drawing portraits. I'm a little OCD, so the pressure to make the portraits very similar to the actual person just kills my drawing mood.

There are more things to come, trust me. I just didn't blog much because I'm on break and I don't see my friends. In conclusion, they give me stuff to talk about and tell the whole world how great they are.

Goodbye for now :D