25 December 2016

It's just a little crush.

I know that I have no right to talk about you. I mean, I still look away everytime you open your phone or you laptop. Seeing your wallpaper hurts me. I don't even understand this thing between us. I wonder if it's me alone who's misreading the 'signs' and you're really playing me, or the fact that this thing goes both ways.

You never let me pay for my own things now, like my food or drink, sometimes the movie tickets, the gas money, the extra little printings. You're always just pushing my hand away, making sure that you actually touch my skin against yours, to refuse the money I always try to give you. The texts you send, the things you say, the secret jokes you'rs trying to imply, saying that the only thing stopping you is the wrong timing, how we never discuss about sensitive issues, how you're just always there to lend a hand, how you respond to me, how magnetic we seem to be, the shoulder and arm nudged and snuggled against mine during movies, oh well, it'll take a whole day to list out the things that you're doing more and more for me but everytime you do, I always ask myself what you were actually doing and why you did it. Am I important to you as much as I think I am? Do you find yourself attracted to me? Am I the only one who feels this way?

20 August 2016

Moonlight Bae

Pencil on paper.

16 January 2016

Not cocky, just self- love.

The most common misconception associated with confidence is that people who obtain it are self-absorbed or narcissistic but no, it takes practice. It really does take practice; trial and error, you know. The moral of the story is, stop being intimidated or threatened by another persons confidence because you don't posses your own. The key is to build it. I get it, it's hard. its hard to not develop insecurities because were constantly comparing ourselves to other people with what they have and what we lack. Then again we have to understand that the roots of insecurity is comparison. People just in general have to stop comparing themselves to other people because what somebody else has doesn't necessarily mean that you're lacking it. Like there are so many factors and variables that make up self-confidence. It's just so subjective. That's why you shouldn't compare it. Because everybody is different, everybody is different. Everybody has a different opinion as to what beauty really is, but beauty is within.

It really just begins with loving yourself and accepting yourself. You are you, you are different.. Accept your flaws, embrace them, nurture them. Instead of criticizing yourself and feeding into your insecurities, why don't you take that same energy just to reverse them. To work on them, to better them. I constantly see girls who complain and who hate other girls for being like fit and skinny or whatever but if you're so unhappy with yourself, why don't you just go workout, dude? I just hate people who just sit back and judge other people but then complain about themselves like if you wanna really wanted to change you would, You have all the power to do, all the resources to do, so why don't you...?

It's just like the sky is the limit, anything is possible these day. You have the power to change yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.anything guys. Even me, I was never truly happy with myself until I started just loving myself and accepting myself and working towards my insecurities. These people think you have to be pretty or skinny or fucking have a big ass or big tits to like be accepted and to love yourself, no that's not true.

Fuck what people think, to be honest. Like as long as you love yourself you're happy with yourself and you embrace your flaws and you accept yourself for what you have and who you are...

Once you know yourself, nobody can use anything against you. Don't feel like you have to look a certain way to be loved or to be accepted or to be feel happy about yourself. Be fucking proud of yourself. Be proud of who you are. Own it. Just do what makes you feel good. Look the way you wanna look. Fuck what society thinks. Whatever makes you happy, go for it.

- Val Mercado, Snapchat Story 2016