20 February 2013

Opinionated 2: Art Insecurity

Everyone who are known by their friends of family as an art person, either we draw, paint, sculpt and anything else that is relevant will always feel insecure about ourselves.

Art is an endless thing. It comes in many forms. And billions of people in this world are capable of it.

But the one thing that is the most obvious is we will always feel like other people's art is better than ours.

Each person's art possesses individuality, no matter how they try to copy other people, it will always come from their own brain and hands (or even feet).

So to all the creative and artsy people out there, no matter how amazing you see other people are, just know that you have your ability to express your own individuality.

Lots of love, Needy.

Stories of People 4: Charlavail 2

Baby Seal was kind enough to make a cover of Brave As A Noun by Andre Jackson Jihad. I love this girl.

I could go off the deep end
I could kill all my best friends
I could follow those stylish trends
But God knows I could make amends
But I've got an angry heart
Filled with cancers and poppy tarts
If this is how you folks make art it's fucking depressing
And it's sad to know that we are not alone
And it's sad to know that there's no honest way out

I'm afraid to leave the house
I'm as timid as a mouse
I'm afraid if I go out I'll outwear my welcome
I'm not a courageous manI don't have any big lasting plans
Too cowardly to take a stand I want to keep my nose clean
And it's sad to know that we're not alone in this
And it's sad to know that there's no honest way out
In this life we lead
We could conquer everything
If we could just get the brave to get out of bed in the morning

06 February 2013

Stories of People 3: Charlavail Effron

I once mistook this girl as Hayley Williams from Paramore. Her name is actually Charlavail. Unique name isn't it? But this girl has more than just her eccentric name.

Charlavail Effron is a 22-year-old artist/entrepreneur. She was born on the 4th of December 1989 and lives in Florida. Her name is actually a combination of two. Charla is the name of her aunt, Vail comes from where she was conceived. 

I pretty much adore her because she does various kinds of art. She once designed t-shirts for Paramore and right now I think she's associated with Vans Girls: Off The Wall for some competition, I'm not sure what it is.

Charlavail's mom is also a very creative person. Somehow I think that they live in a magical world. How odd.

She made the skeleton cut-outs herself. Adorable.

Charlavail started dying her hair when she was sixteen. Back then it was normal and brunette. But now, she dyes her hair in unnatural colors. Somehow, they just work for her.

She chopped off her hair. I'm not sure why. But I like it longer

When I first got to know more about her, I found out that she was raising more money to open up a bakery. She's a fine baker too. She had a lot of thing set up for business, she even sews the aprons herself. But I'm not really sure about the bakery's progress nowadays since I can't follow track on her blog posts.

Basically, she is one heck of a fine artist and I admire her artwork.