12 August 2015

Repost #2

Diets, holidays and work.
03 May 2015
Assalamualaikum ~

I guess I got a wee bit too bored today that I've decided to update my dying blog.

Blogs have become irrelevant nowadays that people have Twitter and Instagram. Well, for me I guess but I keep checking my phone every five minutes and somehow I got very bored of it.

I'm currently at Darling's house waiting for her to come back from work. Apparently, my dad had to attend a wedding and Aimie kinda kidnapped me for two night, three now including this one, but yeah, I am at her house, staying in her room.

Update -- update :D

I went out to Seksyen 13 to have dinner with my dad, my sister and Darling. And we lepak-ed at Ranggo after. I definitely love being here at Aimie's, with Aimie.

So, I'm supposed to be on a diet and on a constant workout but since Darling is working at Cake JalanTiung, it just makes the routine a bit hard because well, I am a sweet tooth. I love cakes, I fancy cakes, cakes are life, cakes are bae, basically anything sweet just catches my attention. I have lazy workout routines, at least until my body is sore enough and I start sweating like a pig, but then the sores only last for a night so I guess I'm not working out hard enough. It's okay though, at least I know that I work out constantly and if I keep it up, I might see quite some changes before I start the new semester.

Speaking of, I'm am currently working (sort of) at my school's faculty to design the promotional items for a Mother's Day programme. But right now, I'm just doing my work from home because my lecturer hasn't called me in to her office yet, hopefully this lazy work pays off the clothes I need to buy later. I'm really planning on buying a Swatch because I have been dying to have one ever since I was in my early teenage years. I haven't really decided on the watch I want but hopefully I can get one under RM300 because that is my budget for the watch.

I have been working on a few artworks over the holiday and I realised that I'm really into digital illustrations.

They're still pretty rough and raw but I'm practising so hopefully by the time I've finished my diploma, I can move on to a more serious major and probably major in illustration or typography because I have endless love for both majors. 

I have more or less a month to go with this semester break so I hope to find a new job soon to collect more money and finish more artworks before June.

Repost #1

Assalamualaikum ~

I deleted my previous posts without thinking straight. I have my reasons, but looking back, I was truly happy, so I will repost some old ones, just for the sake of keeping the memory alive.

The man who can't be moved.
23 April 2015
Assalamualaikum ~

I honestly don't know where to start. There's just so much that went both wrong and right at the same time. Two months ago, I was still dwelling with the past. And in only two months, my heart got truly attached to something new.

I must admit that some things still breaks my heart, but this...

This thing that we have, that we had together. I don't know if it's just me who felt it but I truly believe in it. I was happy. I was happy everytime I'm with the both of them.


I don't think I've ever met better people. There's so much that we talked about, the things that we did. The things that we laughed about. Right now, typing this out, I feel like word vomit but it's stuck at the end of my brain. I wish the world knew how happy they made me. I wish the world knew how much they mean to me.

I can't express it, it's way too many feelings that I thought I could type them out but now I realise how wrong I was.

"I rasa macam kita family..." - Darling, April 2015

I will never move on from what we had. It was imperfectly perfect.

10 August 2015

2015 slow the eff down.

Assalamualaikum ~

Honestly, I can't even begin to describe how hectic this year had been for me so far. Literally everything and everyone came and went without warning. I have learnt a lot over the past months and met a lot of new people. I've evolved into a whole new person and gained more skills. It's all a big change and it's honestly overwhelming. But I'm not completely sure if that's a bad thing.

This is the year a lost love came back, disguised as a love but is actually just another lesson of life that some people will always want to bring you down and are obsessed with you for no apparent reason.

This is the year I found two new best friends that ended pretty fast, they taught me that happiness is temporary, feelings change and people change but never forget the good things that have happened despite that one bad thing that made everything fall apart.

I met new people, new friends, smile even more, became more daring to talk to people, say a polite "hi" and smile at random times.

This is the year that I realised how important I am as the last child in the family, and that I can handle all internal problems and I'm good at giving advices and support.

It is the year I fell dramatically in my studies and still in the process of picking up the pieces, this is the year I put in a little more effort.

This is the year that I've learned new things and did new stuff. The year that my world has been opened up to a whole new level.

This is the year for me to accept that life is just as it is, good or bad. Things happen. I need to learn to control my emotions even more and learn how to deal with people's attitude, or you know, choose to stay inside and introverted under the covers, watching movies repeatedly and snacking on sweet stuff while imagining that someday I will be skinny and fit.

All I'm saying is that this year moves by pretty fast.