21 December 2013

Dear Mila...

Assalamualaikum ~

This post is made speacially for my former roommate during my first semester in UiTM because I recently saw her comments on my blog and I think that I wanna say a few things to her too...

So, dear Mila...

I haven't known a better roommate than you and of course, Farah. I rarely sleep in my own room that much anymore. I run away from that room. I thought it would be easier being in a room with part 1 students, turned out it was tougher. I'd be the first to get up and I don't even talk to them until it was time to actually go to class. I only get back late and they won't be in the room most of the time. Luckily, I do have those three girls with me so I usually go to their rooms and do my work there.

There's no more comfort in the room like I used to feel when you and Farah were here. There are no more sweet 'take cares' or those wide, sincere yet tired smiles from the both of you. I was not joking when I said that the two of you felt like comfort. I used to have late classes and all I wanted to do when I had to walk back home was to open the door and see the two of you turning your heads to the door and smile at me with a cheerful "Hiiiii!"

And I knew that the day was over and there was the understanding comfort of my ex-roommates who tolerated with my late-sleeping and made me feel comfortable doing my piled-up assignments no matter how late it got.

I run to the office a lot now, even though there were no updates online, just because I feel more comfortable alone.

Don't get me wrong, my roommates are very nice. But I can never break through this awkwardness around them. All I do is give them tired smiles and awkward chuckles to every word they say.

I cried my eyes out in front of you, showing how much I trust you and that you matter. I showed you my true colors, both good and bad side. You were the one that I never could wait to tell stories to, and now that I have new, exciting, happy and overflowing stories, I really feel like I wanna share with you. You were a second home and I thought I loved 017 because of the room itself. But now I realised that the room didn't matter, what mattered was actually being there with you and Farah.

Needless to say, I miss you so much and I hope you take good care of yourself too