25 September 2013

I'm born for graphic (I think).

Assalamualaikum ~

So, we had our 9 a.m graphic final assessment today. Our project was one of the most fun-filled and time and money consuming which was on table calendars. We were required to choose our own client (which could either be a company or product) and my client was Polaroid.

So after weeks of battles, I finally came up with this.

I know it looks a little to not interesting in the photo but I swear that it feels awesome just by holding it. By the way, it's actually a clashed concept between Polaroid and Instagram because I make my own rules haha. Gladly I was able to do it very very neatly and impressed my lecturers, alhamdulillah.

I actually printed them out first on stickers and then built the stand and paste them on boxboards and foam boards and all that art junk. I wasn't even thinking about how I was going to set up the whole stand when I was buying all the supplies. I was just like, "This might work, oh, that looks good and I could totally use this." So basically it was risky and kind of suicidal but it turned out so good and I love it.

I did not sleep at all by the way, so I'm really heavily sleepy yet pumped because I just popped a Strepsils in my mouth because my toothbrush dah dicemari by some unknown substance. The photo above tells how unfinished our projects were. I was holding mine, because my sketches weren't finished but I snapped a picture of Mira holding her's sebab aku baru tolong dia glue kan balik. First world problem's solver la kiranya aku ni. Then, Nana pun tengah glue-glue dia punya calendar dekat sebelah Mira.

But the sleepless night was totally worth it when I saw the faces of the lecturers who assessed me. The photo above is of my closest friends and mine, from the left, Nana's (Aigner), mine (Polaroid), Qil's (Lego), Mira's (Chatime) and Daus's (EA Games).

All five of us were selected calendars, we had given them to our lecturer except for Mira's because if she were to hand it in, she has to touch it up a little bit but she refuses to. But I love hers because it qualifies so much as a company calendar.