03 October 2013

Let Us Define Art: Part 1

Assalamualaikum ~

So, in my previous post, I already mentioned how long we had to wait for the Typography final assessment to end. We had plenty of time so I managed to pull out my brand new RM16.00 Thread Sew Bind Notebook that I bought at MPH. It's small, and pretty awesome. It's a similar type to my S&J sketch book but the one I bought at S&J is damn heavy and big. It's hard to carry around.

Anyway, I've asked my friends to put anything they wanted in it and here they are.

This is my work. It was a duplication and improvisation of Dena Bahrin's work.

Haziq Amir's.

This is Kim's. She's a part 2 student but lately she's been hanging out a lot with Daus.

Firdaus Zulfaa's.

This is Faiz's.

My favourite from Adi Nur Fitri, my class rep. Kecik-kecik cili padi orangnya.

Ayim punyeee.

Nana paling minat anime.

Mu'izz punya. Very nice.

Again, Kim takde keje so dia tambah lagi satu.

Ray's trophy.

Qils punya, she said she messed up so gambar siapa ni will forever be a mystery.

There will be more to come, Sabtu ni pergi Pengkalan Balak, insha-Allah maka aku akan angkut buku ni skali. Trimas kamu semua sudi tinggalkan jejak dalam sketch book saya :3