08 December 2015

Cotton Candy.

I made a new art piece, which was pretty much delayed since forever. I had trouble completing the eyes, mostly because I couldn't find a more suitable expression to describe Cotton Candy. Yes, her name is Cotton Candy. Her hair is somewhat silver and pink, she blushes a lot and she doesn't speak much.

I made Cotton Candy expressionless so that people can imagine themselves about how she feels. She can be neutral, she can be just fine, she could be happy inside, or she could be broken. Cotton Candy has a lot of emotions but she is as fragile as her name is. People can break her or eat her up easily because Cotton Candy is used to giving her all to other people. She trusts easily, falls easily but she chooses who she falls into very wisely. But once she does and when people break her heart she melts like cotton candy. They swallow her full and becomes satisfied when she's gone. What they don't know is Cotton Candy is the sweetest one around. And sweet things kill slowly from the inside. It takes time, sure but it's possible if you mess around with Cotton Candy too much.