06 October 2013

I'll be fine someday.

Assalamualaikum ~

So my first semester as a uni student is almost ending.

Random sketch for tonight.

If you've been following my previous posts, you can see that my life as an Art & Design student have been quite some hell. I don't sleep at night. Nor do I do it during the day. We sleep when we can, not when we want to. Life is hard as art students. 

Although it's way too tiring, somehow I think it's beautiful. It's not you alone who stays up at night. The whole batch of Part 1 students do the same. Nobody sleeps when there's an assessment coming up. And we all talk to each other, sleep on hard floors, sing along to random music while doing our endless work.

It brings us together and closer. When you thought that you're the only one staying up and you almost cry because you feel so damn tired, suddenly the WeChat or Whatsapp notification comes up and you see a friend asking "Korang dah tidur?"

It makes you want to hug them tight.

So no matter how terrible the assignments are, I have my loving friends. I'm happy with them and I'm happy for them. My life has never been better and someday, all these tiredness will pay off big time.