29 January 2013

Stories of People 2: Ntasha Lee

Have you guys ever stumble upon a person who is very much similar to yourself in many ways. Well, I have. This post is dedicated to her.

Natasha Razali or Ntasha Lee is just an ordinary girl, born on the 20th October 1996. I met her at school and she was a junior of mine. The first time she entered the dorm room, my eyes were already attached to her. I admit that I have a girl crush for my own junior but what the heck.

The similarity between us started when she finished unpacking her stuff, all the juniors were sitting awkwardly on the floor while the seniors stared at them. She was about to take a sip of water when I suddenly yelled "Adik! Botol adik sama macam akak punya!" which translates to "Your bottle is similar to mine!". She then smiled awkwardly at me, probably thinking "This senior is so weird". Then things started to get weird throughout the whole year. These are some similarities that I have found between us.
  1. The bottle incident, only the lids were different
  2. She wears specs (big deal), I'm practically blind
  3. Her name starts with 'N', Natasha vs. Nadrah
  4. She plays bowling, we ended up in the school bowling competition together
  5. Found out she loves archery, archery is one of my top skills
  6. She loves Kristen Stewart, I'm all over KStew
  7. She hearts Paramore, my favorite band ever
  8. Same phone case
  9. She picked up a can of latte just as I was about to
  10. She loves fashion just as much as I do
  11. She loves photography, I'm a natural at it
  12. There are many more probably, I can't remember, I'm not a stalker
I love this girl very much, as a junior. I'm just that awkward and shy to admit it. I'm glad to have met this girl.