29 January 2013

Little Things 2: Cats

Cats are my favorite animal in the whole wide world. Our parents weren't really fond of us keeping them as pets. But when I was in primary school, we found a beautiful street cat with a duo-colored face. Half of his face was black while the other half was white so we named him Phantom, taken due to his similarity to the Phantom of the Opera. A few months with him, we found Blackie who was stuck in the horrid long grass next door and took him in. But both went missing after almost a year.

I love Maru.

By now, we have adopted more than 50 cats. Most of them died due to natural causes but some went missing. The eldest in the whole family tree are two cute female felines called Meme and Momo. Momo just recently gave birth to two kittens, mind you she's had about 10 pregnancies before. We currently share a house with 12 cats and kittens.

I went to Kinokuniya a month ago and found Maru's book, I Am Maru. Unfortunately, it costed RM50.00-ish. I couldn't even read it because all of them were finely sealed. Maybe one day I will.

Love your animals.