29 January 2013

Little Stories 1: America

America had been quite life-changing even though I was there as a little kid. The environment, the friends we made, the games we play, the food we ate are much different from what there is here in Malaysia.

Some people thought I was born in America; that I was American. I would've been lucky though if my family had moved earlier. It'll be fun to be born American. The whole family moved to America for only two and a 
half years. But the memories are just too good to forget.

Description based on pictures:
  1. Our second (I think) Aidilfitri. My mom made matching outfits for me and my elder sister.
  2. Wearing a head-to-toe denim outfit (this was the coolest) in front of Houshang Gallery with my eldest sister.
  3. In one of our houses. My sister holding a bag of cheese while I dig into the cookies.
  4. My sister is pink kebaya at a school programme which theme was culture. I never got the chance to go to school though.
  5. Our parents were enthusiastic about taking photos of us everywhere. Front door of one of our houses, Denver, Colorado.
We had a splendid time in the US. I still remember this huge mall with gigantic breakfast food replicas in the middle of it. The replicas weren't even moving but somehow it seemed very cool. Imagine sitting in a bowl of breakfast cereals with huge berries next to you.

Halloween was one of the best times. My eldest sister was dressed as a princess (she had a tiara too), my brother as a vampire, my elder sister as a ballerina and me as my most favorite mythical creature in the world, a witch. Even my dress had witches on it. It was black and orange, very Halloween-ish. 

Going to Candylicious in KLCC reminded me of the candies we once ate. I went there and bought a bag of candies we had in the US. The Pacifier, Twizzlers, the Dog Bones, Jawbreakers, Ding Bats, a gummy vampire teeth and also Swedish Fish. Amazing stuff.

We practically have two boxes full of pictures from America and about five huge photo albums. 

America is amazing.