18 September 2015

Love, Rosie

Assalamualaikum ~

I had always been a sucker for romance, for fairy tale endings but nonetheless, I still believe in reality. I used to think that childhood friendship can lead to the best type of relationship. I still do. Being an Aquarius, being able to befriend someone before I decide to jump into a deeper relationship with them means everything to me. I hate it when people come out of nowhere, asking me to be their significant other when they know nothing about me except my name. I believe in friendship, and I believe in best friends who can fall in love.

I'm getting a second chance at this, and I'll do it right this time. With a boy I have probably known since I wasn't even born. A boy whose age is just five days younger than me. A boy born on Valentine's Day. An idiot, the first time and a whole load of cheeseballs the second time around.

I hope you stay, I hope you are real.