11 October 2014

A different solitude.

I have lost my ability to write publishable things but I'll try my best to express myself this way now that I don't really have any proper work to do.

So, solitude.

As mentioned before, it is a state where I can get to that euphoria phase. I get drunk off the moment and I drown in the memory of it. Weird enough, my new solitude is the mornings I spend at the hospital to get nebulized. I have terrible asthma and it struck me last night and I ended up waking myself at 3 a.m. My roommate insisted I called my family so I rang my mom and after waiting for about 15 minutes, she came and took me to the hospital.

Truthfully I hate the process of it. But when I finally get in the chair and got the breathing meds and dosage done on me, I love how it feels like to drift to sleepiness with the smell of medicine, the cold environment and the warmth from my sweater. I like the smell of hospitals, I don't even know why.

I know that weird doesn't even begin to cover my interests but whatever *insert crying while laughing emoji*.