02 January 2014

2013: You will be missed.


Assalamualaikum ~

The end of the year is just a few minutes away isn't it. Everybody's taking selfies and posting them on Instagram with their 2013 captions. I did mine too, but of my friends :D

So, I'd love to make a flashback of my 2013, all the good things and bad things that happen throughout this beautiful, unexpected year.


The year I started to learn to become and adult
This was the year I've started college. I finished my high school years last year, got my SPM results and got into UiTM and for the first time ever, learn to actually be and adult. I'm still 18 and will be 18 until next February. But this was the year I've to learn how to start talking to people and handle businesses all by myself. To meet new people and to expect new things. And I'd love to say that I've evolved, I've changed to become better and to handle things and problems better .

The year I knew the meaning of friendship
And of this, the most important part of the year. I started my college life in June, and I expected myself to become solitude once more. To be a lone wolf and to run my life alone. But things changed, and I met the best peole I've ever known. The Eminerds. The unexpected people who learn to love me and accept me for who I am. The ones I can't spend a day without. I've been posting a lot about them on this blog and as you can see, I am contented to have them in my heart, to fill the empty hole that existed four years ago.

The year I got over my depression and heartbreak
A big thanks to Eminerds and my former roommates, this was the year that I can proudly say that I beat my depression and I've stopped hurting. My friends pulled me out of the darkness and showed me light. They showed me how much different and better I am off without the person who ruined my life before. I'm no longer sad and depressed and I don't even think about how ruined I was anymore. I'm a new person with a new heart, a heart, as for now, given partly to my friends whom I love so very very much.

The year I smiled
I didn't realize this until my best friend pointed this out on her Twitter account. Looking back, it's really true. I've learned to let my walls down and started to smile and get to know new people. I've made truce with my former enemy, and maybe that triggered it. It taught me that not all people have bad intentions to you, it taught me that I am safe to let my guard down, to start trusting and accepting. I smile a lot now. I ask people where they come from, who they are and start to befriends with them. I am no longer a stranger in this world.

2013 had been beautiful for me. And if you'd like to follow my past journey, do read the past entries and keep updated for more