30 July 2015

Shut up or die.

Assalamualaikum ~

No, you can't say that because it will hurt other people.
No, you can't retweet that, it will cause pain for others.
No, you can't do that, you will make other people angry.
No, you can't think that, it will make other people upset.
No, you can't be you because being you causes the world to go bad.

Yes, restricted. I am restricted from being me. No part of me will ever satisfy the people around me. The things I do will never be good enough.

If everything I do, even if I think about other people before I do it, will still hurt people. So let's just pretend:

My mouth is sewn shut.
My hands are tied up.
My mind is locked away.

Yes, let's do that. Because apparently I just hurt people. That's just what I do. I'll shut myself down if that's really the only thing that will satisfy others. So don't question me after this, to fall back into the person I was before.

Mati pun sesorang dalam kubur. Hadap Tuhan pun sensorang kat akhirat.