01 July 2014


Assalamualaikum ~

So it's been a while since I've updated and my stalker friends are demanding to see what I'd have to say next.

I didn't sound so good in my previous post but it was only because of the many shitty assignments I have. I'm fine now. I'm happy as a matter of fact. Things have been going on quite smoothly and the subjects don't seem so bloody shocking anymore.

Still, this semester seems bloody hard as hell. The only thing that actually keeps me alive and well and able to wake up every morning is my friends. It's been three bloody weeks and still the classes are messed up. Lecturers aren't showing up and we still haven't even started learning certain subjects.

I don't know. It feels the same although we learn new things. But sometimes it just feels so damn mundane that I really need my solitude.

On the other hand, being home isn't exactly the best place in the whole world. There's just some unexplained bad vibe in that house. But whenever my parents ask me to follow them to any dinner or balik kampung and such, I kinda get delighted to tag along because basically life is boring as hell when I get stuck in Lendu.

I just came back from iftar with them and I got myself a pretty kimono cardigan even though I got really tired after pusing satu bangunan Aeon nak cari benda yang boleh buat pakai. Alhamdulillah, I mean things are going great when it's just me with my parents.

So, two birthdays have passed, three if you count Muizz's that we celebrated together on Qila's. I better give a brief update about this before I seriously have too much to say and end up making a very long post to speak to my hearts content.

I don't have a proper picture of Qila and Muizz's birthday cake even though I recorded a few videos. As per usual we had dinner at Bentara and went down to the parking lot to surprise them and then kitorang lepak dekat situ sampai puas membebel.

I didn't post on Instagram about that birthday like I normally do with the others tapi takpelah, I just hope they know how much I love and appreciate them.

Rayyan's birthday however went fairly well on the 22nd of June. Petang tu Nana beli tepung dengan Qila and Ayim yang tepungkan Ray dengan tambahan air mineral sejuk si Edry. Lepas tu yang bestnya Adi duduk atas kereta Ayim pastu Ayim drive macam orang gila keliling parking lot.

Hah. Brief sangat ceritanya, macam tak cukup ayat tapi tengah semak kepala dengan assigment lagi so till the next post.